Reverend Edward Mulraine, Pastor





We welcome you to Unity Baptist Tabernacle where our motto is “God is Love.”  We’re glad you decided to visit us today and we ask that you feel at peace for you’re no stranger in God’s house.  At Unity we believe in the life and ministry of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ who rose from the dead to empower all people, individually and collectively, to proclaim his name throughout the nations.  We are committed to the Word of God and to advancing His kingdom on earth through community, family, culture and civic responsibility.

We have numerous ministries at Unity some of which include:  Children’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Senior Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Ushers Ministry, Drama Ministry, Praise Dance Ministry (for all ages), Recording Ministry, Catering Ministry, Host/Hostess Ministry and a host of others.  In addition, we are committed to the word of God through Sunday School and Bible Study.  Our choirs are diverse and multigenerational.

We hope that this will not be the last time that you visit us and if God leads you please do not hesitate to join us in building God’s Kingdom on earth.  God Bless and remember, “God is Love.”

God Bless,


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